Saturday, October 13, 2007

How to make ice cream: Watermelon style!

This is a really neat and VERY simple trick I picked up on the internet somewhere a few days ago. Here's how to make ice cream shaped like watermelon slices.

Chocolate chips - These will be the "seeds"
Raspberry Sherbet and Lime Sherbet, preferably softened. These will be your Colors for the outside.
You can use cherry or strawberry, or other flavors, as long as it's red and green.

How to make the ice cream
Get a BIG mixing bowl and put in a layer of the Lime Sherbet. Mix the chocolate chips with the raspberry sherbet then use it to fill up the rest of the bowl. Then stick it in the freezer to refreeze.

Once it's ready take it out and turn upside down onto a large plate or board and ease it out (Tip: Use a warm towel on the bottom of the bowl to help the ice cream slide out). Slice it up into several pieces or "Watermelon slices". That's it! Great party piece and it tastes awesome.

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